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Thursday, April 2, 2015

“The War Within”

I believe in God, and I have no doubt that He is looking down on us with despair in his heart, especially when it comes to things like the “Religious Freedom Bill”, which is basically just a license to hate in His name.

When I hear of such things it makes me ashamed to call myself a Christian, and that should not be the case.

We should be prideful in the fact that we follow a loving God, a forgiving God and a God who accepts everyone and anyone who choose to follow him without any conditions.

I honestly think that He is embarrassed of us, that we are letting Him down on both fronts, meaning those of us who claim to be His followers who hate, condemn and judge others while flying his banner, to those of us who just sit back while all this is going on and don’t say or do anything about it.

Not all people of faith are hate-filled; most of us are loving and caring people who use our faith as a way to manage this harsh world of ours, and to make the overall journey much easier and more tolerable.

The problem is that we also allow those who falsely wear the shroud of our particular faith only as a means to spread hate and destruction to act as the mouthpiece for our chosen faith and on our behalf, and that we should not do.

We cannot allow these people to represent us, we must speak up and voice our opinions, otherwise the world is going to believe that we all feel the same way, and with that said make our God look bad and He doesn’t deserve that.

We need to take a stand; we need to show those on the outside looking in that the individuals who are spewing all that venom are doing so without our support and our blessing and that we are not accepting of their actions.

And don’t get it twisted, this is not just about whether you agree or disagree with homosexuality, it goes much deeper than that.

This is about us letting people legalize hate and discrimination in our name and in the name of the faith, which we hold near and dear to our hearts, while we don’t do anything to change things.

Ultimately this kind of behavior leaves a bitter taste in people’s mouth about us and our God, and we should not be okay with that.

This also opens the door for similar bills to come down the pipeline in the future, and sooner or later these people will find something about you they don't like and will have no problem following the same path to make it acceptable to hate and discriminate against you because of it, just imagine how you would feel then.

The hateful come in all different shapes and sizes; they are not just Christians, Muslims and/or any other religion for that matter, so be alert and regardless of where it’s coming from, stand up against it.

When we allow hate, condemnation and judgment to be slung around in His name and we don’t do anything about it, we are just as sinful as the ones doing it, think about that the nest time you come across something of this nature.

Remember, God wants you on your knees to pray, not to allow others to walk all over you and trample your good name and reputation in the process, so get up and do something about it.



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    1. Thanks my friend, that's all I'm trying to do.

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    1. Thanks for the love my friend, I really do appreciate it. Also, glad to see I'm in good company and not alone in this thinking.

  3. How quickly we forget history. I read you post and can only think of the words of Martin Neimoller

    1. Very well said my friend, and also very fitting words indeed.

  4. AMEN!!!! SO well said!!! Sharing everywhere!!

    1. You're awesome my friend! Thanks so much for the love and support.