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Saturday, April 4, 2015


As if what we had wasn’t already bad enough, over time they have dangerously evolved from what they once were; on top of the more recognizable ones such as crack, heroine and LSD (just to name a few), we now have synthetic drugs (cannabinoids/cathinones), alcoholic drinks laced with such things as caffeine and prescription pills.

From the shady street corners in the worst neighborhoods to the office of your doctor in the beautiful building in the suburbs, drugs are being dispensed and lives are being ruined at an alarming rate, and unfortunately little is being done to rectify this problem.

The stereotypical drug dealer has been replaced by a man in a white coat armed with a pen and a prescription pad, the crack house has been replaced by the pharmacy, and due to the fact that good old Uncle Sam is getting a piece of his/her action, the authorities are willing to turn a blind eye to the goings-on.

I know that not all doctors are irresponsibly writing prescriptions and/or consciously contributing to the demise of our civilization, however, there are a good percentage of them who are and it needs to be stopped immediately.

We all know that there are many legitimate cases of people needing certain medication(s) to maintain a normal, or as close to normal as possible lifestyle, and obviously those are not the cases I’m speaking about in this piece.

Thanks to the MDs people are being handed prescriptions to their downfall, to their dismay and even in some cases their death.

Next we have the synthetic drugs and the over-the-top alcoholic drinks (when is too much, too much?), which most of can be purchased at your local convenient store, as easily as say buying a piece of candy or your favorite fountain drink would be.

All of this garbage should be pulled from store shelves and destroyed, and people caught selling it should face a penalty equally as harsh as someone who is selling any illegal drug, no exceptions.

Some may say that this is too harsh, or that these things aren’t a real problem, and my response to them would be to seek out a family and/or person(s) whose lives have been damaged as a result of these drugs and ask them how they feel about it; you may just be surprised by what you find out.

Joe Camel wasn’t acceptable, it was said that he enticed kids to smoke, made it look cool with him being a cartoon character and all, but now with that said have you seen the packaging that some of these synthetic drugs and/or alcoholic beverages come in?  

This stuff is toxic, hazardous to our health and our mental well-being, there is no need for it in our society and it does no one any good, even a blind man can clearly see that.

We cannot only go after the users and expect everything to get better; we must start at the top and focus on the real issue at hand, we must cut off the head of the snake if we ever hope to rid our world of these poisons, which means choosing good health and mental stability over profit.

We can’t stand by idly and allow this stuff to happen, we must speak up and make our voices heard, or else things will only get worse and a good portion of our society will continue to walk around in a comatose state and good for absolutely nothing.

Saying, “No” just doesn’t cut it anymore, we must say, “Enough” and do everything in our power to stop the madness and move forward in a positive and productive manner, or otherwise our species will become extinct.

Call me a killjoy if you so choose, but unfortunately I have witnessed the destruction these drugs can cause firsthand, and needless to say it is not something I am too pleased about and/or willing to accept as just what is.

We are playing with fire here people, and if we are not careful we won’t just get burnt, we will be engulfed by the flames, leaving nothing behind but a pile of ashes.

Use your head for something else other than a hat rack!



  1. To many people just blindly take prescriptions because their doctor gave it to them so it must be fine or because its easier than actually paying attention to how and what you are eating. Preaching to the choir here.

    1. Amen to that, unfortunately many people have that mentality, and not just when it comes to doctors. For some strange reason, people are afraid to think for themselves, to investigate things further, or maybe it's just laziness...who knows.

  2. It's just amazing how big and scary the drug world has become... it's extended far beyond the back alleys. It's taking over every street corner, even the plush suburbs with heroine handed over into a mother's hands. I fear it is speeding fast on that track of destruction...

    1. I'm right there with you my friend, it is very scary indeed.

  3. A topic very close to my heart. In the psychiatric arena, antipychotics and antidepressants are over-prescribed to a grotesque degree. The gruesome collaboration of big pharma and the psychiatry profession, two vested, self-serving interests that will stubbornly resist change.

    1. What a crazy world we live in my friend, where the almighty dollar takes precedence over our own well-being and piece of mind, it's actually very frightening when you think about it.