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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Remember when we were kids and one of our playmates would get into trouble and their parents would scold them as a result of it right in front of us?

We of course would intervene and add or two cents like we were something special, only to be followed by the authority figure telling us to mind our own business and to let them handle it.

Well that is also sound advice when it comes to sticking our noses into another’s choice of religion, or lack thereof.

We may not believe in what they believe in, we may even think it’s a complete lie, but that is not for us to decide and not for us to attack, and to think otherwise is utterly repulsive and completely disgraceful to say the least.

It’s not our place to tell others what to do or not to do, no matter how much we feel it is.

I know that may be a shock to your ego but it’s true.

We need to learn to live and let live, to coexist, and not try to force our beliefs onto others, especially when they don’t ask for our help and/or input.

If anything this kind of behavior does nothing more than to turn people off from the particular faith you claim to endorse, needless to say it does more harm than good.

We should be tolerant of people’s choices, allow them the same respect and understanding that we would want in return.

Besides, if we are not perfect, we sin every day and are constantly evolving in our own faith, how can we honestly think that we are in any position to teach and/or guide other individuals in what we believe is the so-called right way to live?

People spend so much time trying to convert others while all the time avoiding the problem areas in their own lives, overlooking their own downfalls at the expense of another’s assumable faults.

We shouldn’t tell our neighbors how to manage their lawn when their grass is lush and green, while we are standing in weeds and dirt, it just doesn’t make sense.

Once we all start living our own lives and not worrying about what others are doing we will truly find peace within this world of ours.

Most of the animosity that we endure as people comes from our differences as individuals, we clash when it comes to our beliefs and feel the only thing to do is to destroy the alternative.

Religion is about loving your fellow man, treating them as you would want to be treated, however with all the smoke, gun fire and condemnation you would never know it.

Focus on yourself, make your life the best it could possibly be and freely follow whatever faith you feel lead to follow, but also remember to give others that same privilege.

Final thought, it’s totally understandable that we firmly accept our faith (or lack thereof), believe it to be gospel, because if we didn’t it would be foolish on our behalf, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it the ultimate truth, whether we like it or not.

Do what you need to do to survive this world, but don’t expect others to follow you as if you’re the shepherd and they are you’re lost sheep, and they don’t deserve to be lead to slaughter because they tend to their own flock either.

Don’t rain on someone else’s parade, allow them to march to beat of their own drum, and if this philosophy is reciprocated we will all be in a better place because of it.



  1. Perfect!! I have really nothing to add...you said so well!!

  2. Unfortunately, many people that define themselves by their christian label don't like their thoughts and beliefs (the ones put upon them by their religion) challenged or questioned... So, haters can keep hating, but that's not very Christian of them though... Keep doing what you do!

    1. Very well said my friend, so true. Thanks for the love.

  3. Words of wisdom, here, Mike - I'm with you on this one. No one should pressure others into adopting their beliefs.

  4. As a Wiccan who is consistently hounded by Christians who want to save me from my own self destruction and "wrong" beliefs, I really appreciate this article.

    1. I'm sure you hear a lot of crap over your choice, and that is very unfortunate and completely uncalled for. Just FYI, not all us Christians are that judgmental and hateful, we are perfectly fine living our lives and letting others live theirs.

  5. I read this piece quite some time ago, and I knew at the time I wanted to comment. Summer is a hectic time for me so I'm just now re-reading. Interesting that I'm experiencing the same feelings now as I did when I first read this, weeks ago. I feel frustrated. Likely not what you expected, but it's because I have never met a religious person who shares your sentiments, or at least those sentiments have not been shared with me (and shown to me) by any religious person I know. My experience is that religious people are the most judgmental people I've met and you were absolutely bang-on correct when you stated that they push others away because of it.
    Before I go further, I should explain that I was raised Christian, but I am no longer practicing. I adore my family and we are extremely close so please understand that I am not in any way trying to be offensive. On the contrary, I respect any person who is confident in their beliefs. I am simply expressing frustration over the fact that I haven't met anyone who truly feels the way you describe, and I really wish everyone shared your opinion. I hear Christians constantly claim that they're good and they rise to the occasion in a time of need because they have found the goodness of God. My issue is that I think I am good person. I care for others, have a ton of compassion and love for people, will help anyone who needs it, yet I am judged because I don't go to church on Sunday, because I believe that every human deserves to freely love whomever they desire, and that those who practice other denominations are just as good as the other.
    I didn't intend for this to turn into a rant and I hope I've been able to maintain my point, which coincides with yours. If a person is good to themselves and others, why would we judge them? Nobody is perfect, whether we visit the Lord each Sunday or not.
    Thank you for writing and allowing me to express myself here. I enjoy your posts very much.
    Take care. :)

    1. Trust me my friend, I completely understand your frustration and totally share your pain. Many of my so-called brothers and sisters, who claim to follow the same God as I do, spend more of their time trying to destroying other people's faiths/beliefs and less time being the person our God has called them to be. Needless to say it is very unfortunate and does way more harm than good, but I don't think that's going to stop them anytime soon.

  6. Hi Michael your topic is king when it comes to controversy especially with everyone being so politically correct. My philosophy religion is bad and Jesus is good, one must develop their own relationship with him, so he will know who you are when you pray to him.

    There was only one perfect being and we killed him decades ago so with that said. When you talk about Christians being judgmental that's being judgmental, face it we all are in something. It's not just a Christian thing, Wiccan's are judgmental on Christians, Jehova Witnesses are judgemental on Christians, and so on everyone thinks their "religion" is the best. We pass judgement on our friends, neighbors, co-workers even people we see walking down the street. Am I judgmental yes! To say I'm not would be a lie. Do I try not to judge yes! But I'm human and God knows that I am far from perfect.

    The bottom line is people are going to judge. Heck some of my worse clients claim to be "good" Christians but Christians have been complaining since Moses crossed the Red Sea they judged Moses and he was lead by God. Before you talk about the spot in your brother's eye remove the watermelon size stain from your own.

    If I like it, I like it, if I don't, I don't, if I don't like what you say I let you know then if you continue I tune you out. It's called survival baby and athough I am an emotional person. My skin is as tough as leather it takes a lot to hurt me so people's judgements don't matter to me you can't please everybody. I answer to one God, my name is Child of the one true king and we all will have to stand and be judged by him oneday.

    It's always good to shake up a contraverisal subject it gives folks an chance to talk about what they don't like. It keeps the blood warm, the emotions high and gives us the opportunity to make ourselves look like we are good. Most folks don't like talk like this it makes them hate but they hated my boy Jesus and he still blesses us. I'm I a Christian I'm not truly sure but I am a believer in Jesus. Thanks Michael for another good one. =)

    1. Unfortunately my friend you are right, we all judge others at least to some degree and of course some more so than others. We all need to learn to just live and let live, we need not to worry about what our neighbors believe and do our best to be the best at what it is that we believe.

    2. Unfortunately my friend you are right, we all judge others at least to some degree and of course some more so than others. We all need to learn to just live and let live, we need not to worry about what our neighbors believe and do our best to be the best at what it is that we believe.

  7. You're absolutely right! I am so excited to have discovered this awesome post! Religion is about loving all who surround you, treating them as you would want to be treated.

    1. Thank you very much my friend. Nice sales pitch there.