"Extreme" \ik-ˈstrēm\ adjective: exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected "Christian" \ˈkris-chən adjective: of or relating to Christianity

Thursday, August 28, 2014

“In Your Face”

A person’s faith, or lack thereof, is a personal choice and should be treated as such.

Religion is a tool for our benefit, to help us live a better life and for spiritual enlightenment and mental growth.

To give us strength, purpose and inner peace in this overly cruel and uncompassionate world of ours, a crutch if you will, to aid us and to assist our weary legs on the difficult journey that we have ahead of us.

It is not meant to be a gavel and a shovel, we are not to judge and condemn others just because they believe differently than we do, that is not what it’s all about and to believe otherwise is completely foolish.

Many people treat religion as a deed restricted community, they believe their yard is where it should be, bright green and well maintained on the surface but underneath the roots are dying and brittle, but they still feel it necessary to go around and point out all the yards that are less than perfect.

When it comes to religion, this is one time where that the old adage “if you didn't bring enough for everyone you shouldn't have brought any at all” doesn’t hold true, feel free to be as stingy as you like and to keep it all for yourself, trust me I don’t think anyone will mind.

It is vitally important to remember that our faith should not be used as a weapon; a means of attacking others who do not share our beliefs with the hopes of browbeating them into submission and making them more like us.

Avoid the spiritual beat downs, the faith brutalities, at all costs because they do no one any good and ultimately do more harm for our cause then they do anything positive.

An outreached hand does more good than a clenched up fist, live and let live, love and show compassion towards others and their way of life and you’d be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Actions speak louder than words; you can sometimes say more with your mouth closed than you can with it open.

When you go around spreading hate like fertilizer (which is exactly what it is) and judging others as if your name was Judy, then that's what you'll get back.

There’s no problem with discussing your faith with others if and when the topic presents itself, but don’t go around trying to force feed it to them, because the end result will not be a pretty one.

When you’re trying to bring people to your cause or to your vision you must lead by example, not by force, you catch more flies with honey than you do with a flyswatter, so think before you act.