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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

“Love Thy Neighbor”

I know it sounds cliché, but we really should not look at people for who they are on the outside, but rather who they are on the inside, because that is really what matters.

We need to look past all the hate, all the prejudices and all the other nonsense that keeps us from connecting with each other and truly love thy neighbor, and treat them as we would want to be treated.

We all have our faults and our flaws, none of us are perfect and/or any better than anyone else, regardless of social status and/or the size of our wallets, and to think otherwise would be completely ignorant and very narrow-minded.

No more separation due to the color of our skin, our religion (or lack thereof) and/or any other unnecessary hindrance that prevents us from becoming a family in the true sense of the word.

We must not look past others who are down and out on their luck, who may be in a bad place right now in their life and doing some less than desirable things, because it’s easy to love someone similar to yourself, the tough part is loving someone who you would normally step over on your way to the store.

We must look after the sick, take care of those who aren’t able to take care of themselves, show this world that we aren’t going to let a disease, a handicap and/or any other unfortunate circumstance keep us from showing love, compassion and acceptance for those people.

We must continue the good fight; we must not accept hate as an option, not if we ever hope to leave this planet in a condition worth living in for our kids, their kids, and so on and so forth.

It’s not easy, especially when those said neighbors are different from who we are, when they don’t march to the same beat as we do, but as the saying goes, “anything worth having is worth fighting for” and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to things such as peace and love.

Let’s make this happen, let’s work together to make this planet and better place for all of us involved.

Don’t be afraid to unclench your fist, to open up your hand, and to extend it to one of your fellow brothers and sisters who share this world with you, you’d be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

And when all is said and done, if done correctly and without a reluctant heart, this planet and its people will all be better off and living a life truly worth living.

Remember, a hug gets you a lot further than a stranglehold will.



  1. Well said; however, there are just some people out their who make it more challenging to love them, rather than strangling them! lol